Sunday, March 4, 2012

Victoria's secret collection

I was happy to have this 5 items of VS. It was new items for me that I thought. I got this last few weeks ago I think from USA. My sponsored was my cousin. She lived at USA and I  love the pregrance of VS. So, I pleased  her to bought this becuase we don't have this in our place.
I have been looking some for few months ago if I can buy it here in Norway but I did not successful. Perhaps, some parts of place they have but where I can find it? I looking it this here becuase I knew at it will be more expensive to buy  international becuase of the shipping and taxes. Maybe it will be the same becuase it's more expensive to buy something here in Norway. Norway is the expensive country in the whole world that I heard from somebody.
All of this items was almost I tried to use and it was fantastic soft and ever lasting fragrance. However, I used to have amber romance victoria's secret with butter and lotion and also minst. I remembered when I bought VS in Philippines. It was amber romance and until now I looking forward on it. I satisfired also with this new items but I must keep on the number fragrance I used to have. Since, I was in Phil and now in Norway. I wished I could buy it somewhere eventhough in Phil. We looking forward on it when we have vacation soon. I did not know when but we planned on it. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

VS lotion

 I love vs lotion but I did not yet try this butter flavor. I tried many times just bottle lotion not like on this pictures. When I ordered I expected it's a bottle but we  was misunderstanding because I told her just name and not what kind of . So,  when got it I was unsuprized pricely upset and not in good mood because I expected very a bottle one. But I said and thought how to use this one? Maybe, for bathing or what else! hehehe This was funny experience. I was unprofessional attitude anyway. It was better at she was relax and make me calm. hehe.. And I recall to see the picture I gave her on that time  and that I find out that it was belong at the cream and lotion and also the butter. Oh no.. Thanks God I can use it. This is very good one for cold country. Good for the skin and it is long lasting pragrance and that is true. I love it very much.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I did not imagine I found this two berries out our small garden. I taken first a picture before to picking up. We have different kinds of berries here where I live now. They said when it is summer we can found much berries out of forest. This all berries are healthy. Well, summer will end soon. I just say I am happy that I taste this two berries. Have a nice sunday everyone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it time to diet?

No.. Sometimes I need some much food with full of carbohydrates and vitamin. For example with this food.. What do you think about this food.? Is it much of fat or? hehehe

Sunday, May 15, 2011


How I really love so much to eat fruit. I think all kind of fruits I love to eat. Every day I can eat much different fruits. Maybe, to types in one day. If i cannot eat fruit speacial a banana I cannot shit..hehe Reminds myself when we was at trip way back til here in Norway from Philippines. I was not comfortable. I cannot shit at the plane. It was terrible. So, I thought to eat banana. After, we arrived at Danmark airport bought 3 bananas and eaten then at once. So, did big jobb at the same time. How I really miss this kind of fruits. It might be not so the same at Philippines but I felt good taste and yummy. I went at Asian store and asked if they have fruit and I bought it then this lanzones. I did not know what is this english. If you know then sorry I did not know. Perhaps, it is name also Lanzones.. hehehe Have a nice day to all. Thank you so much for visiting here in my page. Hope can I visit you all back also.
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